Here are some web resources we’d love to share!
We hope these sites will bless you as much as they have blessed us.

Community Assistance Resources

  1. Always Be Ready – Charlie Campbell helps us navigate through tough topics for our daily lives.•

  2. Ask Moses – Great for Old Testament Bible answers

  3. Bible Gateway– A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions.

  4. – A Bible search engine

  5. – Bible search engine, commentaries, and dictionaries

  6. – Online Bible and study tool.

  7. Christians Unite – Another Bible search engine with commentaries and dictionaries

  8. Christian Classics Ethereal Library – Classic articles and tools available for research and study

  9. Christian Research Institute – Basic bible questions and resources, and information on cults

  10. Creation Today – Kent Hovind’s website of creationism information

  11. Crosswalk– Another Bible search engine

  12. – Bible study cassettes (yes, cassettes!), CDs, and MP3s

  13. Got Questions– If you have any Bible questions that you need an answer for just click on this site and it will help you find answers.

  14. Institute for Creation Research – Creationism, facts, books, etc.

  15. – was created help provide, & distribute the Bible in MP3 audio format for evangelism, discipleship, new believers, conferences, retreats, and outreaches.

  16. – Family Discipleship: parenting, marriage and discipleship.

  17. Spurgeon Archive – Letters, devotions, and biography of C.H. Spurgeon.

  18. – Answers to life tough questions.




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