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Break The Shackles

Break the Shackles began as a vision to raise money for organizations who are helping people to get out of human and sex trafficking.  2021 was our first year to host this ride and the money raised went to Sarah's Home for Daniel's Academy. Sarah's Home takes girls from sex trafficking and provides them a safe place to live, receive an education, get counseling and guide them in developing a relationship with Jesus. Christ. Daniel's Academy will do the same for boys. At the time of our first ride, Sarah's Home was beginning the process of getting Daniel's Academy built. In 2021, we raised nearly $5,000.00 to help with their efforts.  This year, 2024, all proceeds will once again go to Daniel's Academy as they are closer to getting the home for boys up and running. At the end of the ride we will have booths. There will be a competition to see which booth raises the most money and trophies will be given for the top three. There will also be live music, free food and a motorcycle and car show. Come be a part of this tremendous endeavor by joining us for the ride, donating money and covering it all in prayer.

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